Mokuhachi Club Spirit of Niigata Alliance Information of soccer Salon 2002 in Niigata
  >Contents/ Let me introduce the group activities. Alliance2002 consists of 5 pillars.  
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  Finally let me tell you our goals.
First: We want to vitalize Niigata city with sports. There are 3 kinds of styles for enjoying sports. Playing it, watching it, and talking about it. So, we are now trying to provide the menus for the residents who are interested in soccer. We believe the culture of grass root sports will sprout by the continuation of such activities
Second: We keep and develop the ties with other host cities. We want to have a joint event once a year in honor of the World Cup.
Last: We want to introduce Mokuhachi not only nationally, but also globally.
During the 2002 World Cup, we want to execute Mokuhachi in Niigata City. We are wondering if Mokuhachi will catch up to the popularity of Karaoke and Sukiyaki.

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