Mokuhachi Club Spirit of Niigata Alliance Information of soccer Salon 2002 in Niigata
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  Allince2002 was established in March.1998. A few soccer fans whose hometowns are not Niigata prefecture made a plan to have fun on the opening game of Albirex Niigata in J league.
They flung ticker tape at the beginning of the game. And they are devoted to promote the culture of soccer and sports in Niigata. As time goes by, the number of the members has been increasing.
We carried out the photograph exhibition of 1998 World cup in 1999, and we host a talk show every month.
On June 2nd 2001, we entertained at an event called "Bandai Fan Village" at Banadai city area that is the busiest and the most active place in Niigata City. "Bandai Fan Village" consisted of 3 events-all night party, mini soccer game, and all night cinema. Many people enjoyed it and we sent examples that manifested the excitement of the crowds outside the stadium and after the game to 9 other host cities.
There are about 50members in Alliance2002 right now. And the number of members who are in charge of running the activities is 10. They are called "Head Quarters".
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